At the Time of Death

Depending on where the death of a loved one occurs and under what circumstances, this page will try to help explain what you should do when the death occurs. 

Death in an Institution
When the death occurs at a medical facility, the medical staff should take care of all the necessary legal steps. You just need to notify the medical staff that Enriquez Funeral Home is the funeral home handling arrangements so they can have you sign any necessary release paperwork. 

Anticipated Death at Home
Today, more people with terminal illnesses are electing to die at home under the care of their loved ones. In this situation, you just need to contact Enriquez Funeral home, and we will take care of the rest. 

Unanticipated Death at Home or Elsewhere
In these situations, immediately call the police. The police and emergency medical personnel will then determine the appropriate steps to be taken. Often, the police can release your loved one directly to our funeral home. However, in certain cases, your loves one may need to go to the Medical Examiner’s office so that they can determine the cause of death.

Death Outside of Luzon
If death occurs outside of Luzon, you should call Enriquez Funeral Home and we can coordinate with the local funeral home at the place of death. 

Death Abroad
If death occurs outside the Philippines, you should contact the Funeral Home in charge of the remains of your loved one abroad and ask them their address, telephone number, and email address. Once you have this information, call us and we will contact the funeral home abroad to coordinate the transport of the deceased to the Philippines.